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Grouping - Oberwachtmeister - Signals Battalion - Russian Front

Extensive grouping to an eventual Oberwachtmeister with a Signals Battalion, who saw action from the start to the end of the war; specifically: Poland; France; Bohemia and Moravia; Russia.

During this time, he received the following awards: Russian Front Medal; Czech Annexation Medal with Prague Bar; War Merit Cross, 2nd Class.

His experience and knowledge must have been in demand, since on several occasions, he was transferred to other troops; for example: II. Panzer Korps (April 1944); Artillerie Regiment 110 (June 1944) and Tiger-Abt. 509 (July 1944).

The grouping includes: his Werhpass (please note pages 3 and 5 are partially stuck together); Soldbuch; Arbeitsbuch; award documents for the Czech Annexation Medal, Czech Annexation Medal with Bar; War Merit Cross, 2nd Class. In addition, futher items of paperwork (some post-war) and a very good uniform photo.

Fascinating grouping with great research potential.

  £185 #1

DRK (German Red Cross) Paper Lot

Personalausweis and air-raid alarm permit to a DRK Sister. Of note, the Personalausweis has both wartime (denazified) and post-war stamps (Military Government, 1945).

Folded; otherwise, good.

  £12 #2

Third Reich Era Board Game

Board game, as manufactured by Brueckner Spiele of Chemnitz.

The game contains 10 No. different games, each depicting a different combat related scene, with related card playing pieces.

The box for the game is devoid of any swastikas: however, some of the playing pieces do have swastikas in their designs.

Although undated, I believe the game to have been published circa 1940. At the war's end, Chemnitz was occupied by the Russians.

The box measures 370mm x 260mm; the individual playing boards, 140mm x 200mm.

One corner of the box has split; otherwise, good overall condition.

  £58 #3

KdF Kurkarte

KdF ("Strength through Joy") tourist pass.

Very good condition.

  £6 #4 SOLD

Postcard - BDM Werk - Glaube und Schoenheit

BDM "Glaube und Schoenheit" postcard.

Stamp denazified; otherwise, very good.

  £6 #5

Postcard - Grossadmiral Dr. Raeder

Postcard of the famous German Admiral.

Postally used; very good condition.

  £6 #6 SOLD

Kennkarte - Third Reich Identity Card

Official Third Reich ID card.

Good condition.

  £6 #7 SOLD

Hitler Jugend - Songbook

Pocket-sized (approx. 95mm x 120mm; 78 No. pages), linen-bound, HJ songbook.

Of note, is the Faehnlein stamp to the front (Faehnlein Ballard) and the owner's details to the reverse.

Used but good condition.

  £14 #8 SOLD

Period Booklet - Die Religion des Talmud

Anti-Semitic text by Dr. Johann Pohl; published in 1944.

Very good condition.





Work book; of note is the entry for RAD service.

Very good condition.

  £6 #10 SOLD
Hindenburg Cross without Swords & Urkunde

Hindenburg Cross for War Participants; with corresponding award document.

Ribbon missing; otherwise the cross is in very good condition. Document has some light marks.

  £18 #11

RADwJ - War Helper's Badge (1)

RADwJ (Womens Labour Movement); War Helper's Badge; instituted 1941.

The badge measures approx. 40mm x 38mm.

Obverse finish absent; reverse finish present.

  £24 #12 SOLD

Organisation Todt Document Grouping

Organisation Todt, document grouping, to one individual. Permits, etc.


Overall, good condition.

  £24 #13

Landwacht Service Instructions

Service instructions for members of the Landwacht (Rural Emergency Police Force (part-time, reserves).


  £6 #14

Period Propaganda Booklet - Anti-England

Period propaganda booklet, entitled: "Einheit von Recht und Macht"; approx. 210mm x 280mm.

Given the presence of staple holes, I suspect some pages are missing. Folded.

  £8 #15 SOLD

Mother's Cross Urkunde - Silver

Award document for the Mother's Cross, Silver Grade.

These documents are surprisingly scarce, given the quantity of crosses that were awarded.

Folded; otherwise, good condition.

  £44 #16 SOLD

Parachute Qualification Badge

Luftwaffe Para Badge in cloth.

Very good condition; guaranteed original and of the period.

  £88 #17 SOLD

Hindenburg Cross (1)

Hindenburg Cross in excellent condition; maker-marked to the reverse.

  £10 #18

Hindenburg Cross and Urkunde - German Consulat Shanghai

Very scarce award document for the Hindenburg Cross for Combatants (with accompanying cross); as awarded by the German Consulat in Shanghai.

The award document has been folded; the cross is in excellent condition.

  £38 #19 SOLD

Das Buch des Ehrenkreuz - 1935

Period book (175mm x 240mm; 112 No. pages), celebrating the Honour Cross (Hindenburg Cross) in words and pictures. Great cover art.

Very good condition.



#20 SOLD

Period Study Book - Glider Qualification Badge

Period reference (study) book for the HJ Glider Qualification Badge. Published in 1941, the book measures approx. 150mm x 210mm; 100 No. pages.

General wear to cover and pages.

  £8 #21 SOLD

Jungmaedel (BDM) Songbook

Jungmaedel songbook: pocket-sized; 76mm x 102mm; 116 No. pages. Named to the inside. Great artwork to the cover.

Very good to better condition.

  £16 #22 SOLD

DAF Membership Book

DAF membership book with dues stamps, 1942-45.

Very good condition.

  £8 #23 SOLD

Period Book - Rosenberg - Der Mythus der 20. Jahrjunderts

A 1942 edition of Rosenberg's study and interpretation of 20th Century religion, entitled; "The Myth of the 20th Century". Described as "one of the two great unread bestsellers of the Third Reich" (Mein Kampf being the other one).

The book measures 120mm x 170mm (smaller than usually encountered).

Excellent condition; complete with outer carton and greaseproof dustjacket.

  £22 #24 SOLD

Russian Front Medal

Russian Front Medal. Zinc example; some oxidation to the surface.

Overall, good condition.

  £14 #25 SOLD

RAD Long Service Award - Men - 4 Years

RAD (State Labour Service) Long Service Award for 4 Years made of cupal (copper clad aluminium) with only minimal signs of age. Original pin to reverse of the ribbon.

Very good to excellent condition. Super, bright, example.

  £58 #26

Russian Front Medal - 14 - Near Mint

Russian Front Medal; maker-marked on the ring; "14" (Lauer, Nuernberg).

Excellent, near mint condition.

  £28 #27 SOLD

WHW Toy Lot

Lot of 3 No. WHW fund-raising toys.

Good condition.

  £4 #28 SOLD

Mother's Cross - Bronze (1)

Mother's Cross in Bronze; some oxidation. Light scratches to the enamel.

Good condition.

  £14 #29 SOLD

Mother's Cross - Bronze (2)

Mother's Cross in Bronze. Light scratches to the enamel (primarily in the area of the swastika) and some residue (dirt?) to the surface.

Good condition.

  £14 #30 SOLD

DRK Helferin Badge

DRK (German Red Cross) Helper's Badge; 29mm diameter. Marked to the reverse.

Good condition with only minor scratches to the enamel.

  £20 #31 SOLD

Iron Cross, 2nd Class - Unmarked - Excellent Condition

Unmarked EK2.

Core in excellent condition; tarnishing to frame.

  £55 #32 SOLD

England's Guilt - Illustrierten Beobachter - Special Edition

Special edition of the Illustrierter Beobachter newspaper (published in 1940), aimed squarely at the British and placing the blame upon us for all that had gone wrong in Europe. Approx. 270mm x 380mm.

Good overall condition.

  £6 #33 SOLD

Signal (The Wehrmacht) Magazine - 1941 - Special Edition

Special edition of Signal, the Wehrmacht propaganda publication. Plenty of colour photos; Approx. 270mm x 360mm.

Very good condition.

  £18 #34 SOLD

Period Postcard - Panzer

Period postcard; Panzer cancellation mark.

Good condition.

  £8 #35 SOLD

Period Postcard - Kreuzer Emden

Period postcard; Wilhelmshaven cancellation mark.

Good condition.

  £6 #36 SOLD

Period Postcard - French - Anti-German

Period postcard published in France; anti-German.

Good condition.

  £6 #37 SOLD

Period Portrait Photo - DJ Boy

Period portrait photo of a boy in DJ uniform

Good condition.

  £8 #38 SOLD

Period Postcard - Willrich - Generalmajor Meindl

Period postcard by the acclaimed artist Willrich of Generalmajor Meindl.

Good condition.

  £6 #39 SOLD

Period Postcard - Hitler and a DRK Nurse

Period postcard.

Good condition.




Period Postcard - Italian Fascist

Period postcard; published by Fascist Italy but with a German (Third Reich) cancellation mark.

Good condition.

  £8 #41

Period Postcard - ME 109

Period postcard of an ME 109.

Good condition.

  £8 #42

Period Postcard

Period postcard; great artwork (swastika to tailfin of plane). Fliegerhorst Moenchengladbach cancellation mark.

Good condition.



#43 SOLD

Period Postcard - Sudetenland

Period postcard; "Sudetenlandtsches Hilfswerk", by the artist Franz Gruss.

Good condition.



#44 SOLD

Period Postcard - Feldpost - Willrich

Period postcard by Willrich. Mailed as Feldpost.

Good condition.

  £6 #45 SOLD

Period Postcard - Feldpost - Willrich (2)

Period postcard by Willrich. Mailed as Feldpost.

Good condition.

  £6 #46 SOLD

Period Postcard - Feldherrnhalle

Period postcard; Munich's Feldherrnhalle.

Used as Feldpost; of note, the soldier concerned mentions how he has been to the Kuban bridgehead and now on to the Krim..

Good condition.

  £10 #47 SOLD

Period Postcard - SA Aufmarsch Luitpold Arena - Scarce

Period postcard in foldout format showing the SA Parade at the Luitpold Arena. A scarce card in my opinion.

Very good condition.

  £18 #48 SOLD

Period Postcard - Lutfwaffe Lot

Period postcards; lot of 3 No. pertaining to the Luftwaffe.

Good condition.

  £12 #49 SOLD

Period Postcard Lot - Handwerks

Period postcard lot: Handwerks related.

Good condition.

  £10 #50
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