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Grouping - Oberwachtmeister - Signals Battalion - Russian Front

Extensive grouping to an eventual Oberwachtmeister with a Signals Battalion, who saw action from the start to the end of the war; specifically: Poland; France; Bohemia and Moravia; Russia.

During this time, he received the following awards: Russian Front Medal; Czech Annexation Medal with Prague Bar; War Merit Cross, 2nd Class.

His experience and knowledge must have been in demand, since on several occasions, he was transferred to other troops; for example: II. Panzer Korps (April 1944); Artillerie Regiment 110 (June 1944) and Tiger-Abt. 509 (July 1944).

The grouping includes: his Werhpass (please note pages 3 and 5 are partially stuck together); Soldbuch; Arbeitsbuch; award documents for the Czech Annexation Medal, Czech Annexation Medal with Bar; War Merit Cross, 2nd Class. In addition, futher items of paperwork (some post-war) and a very good uniform photo.

Fascinating grouping with great research potential.

  £115 (WAS £185) #1 SOLD

DRK (German Red Cross) Paper Lot

Personalausweis and air-raid alarm permit to a DRK Sister. Of note, the Personalausweis has both wartime (denazified) and post-war stamps (Military Government, 1945).

Folded; otherwise, good.

  £10 (WAS £12) #2

Third Reich Era Board Game

Board game, as manufactured by Brueckner Spiele of Chemnitz.

The game contains 10 No. different games, each depicting a different combat related scene, with related card playing pieces.

The box for the game is devoid of any swastikas: however, some of the playing pieces do have swastikas in their designs.

Although undated, I believe the game to have been published circa 1940. At the war's end, Chemnitz was occupied by the Russians.

The box measures 370mm x 260mm; the individual playing boards, 140mm x 200mm.

One corner of the box has split; otherwise, good overall condition.

  £29 (WAS £58) #3

Iron Cross, 1939, 2nd Class - Ernst Mueller - Packet

Maker-marked EK2, complete with its corresponding packet of issue. Cross is marked "76" for Ernst L. Mueller; packet also marked.

Core in excellent condition; toning to frame. Packet has some stains. Overall, excellent condition.

  £90 #4 SOLD

Postcard - BDM Werk - Glaube und Schoenheit

BDM "Glaube und Schoenheit" postcard.

Stamp denazified; otherwise, very good.

  £4 (WAS £6) #5 SOLD

War Merit Cross, 2nd Class, with Swords - Packet

KVK2 with Swords; unmarked, early-quality example, complete with maker-marked packet of issue (Albin Hopf, Pforzheim).

Cross in excellent condition; packet has been folded and has a small tear to one side (by the opening); a few cm in length.

  £30 #6 SOLD

Hindenburg Cross

Hindenburg Cross for Combatants; ribbon is unusual in that it appears to be a court-mounted version.

Cross in excellent condition.

  £6 #7 ON HOLD

NSLB Member Lapel Pin

State Teachers' Association membership badge; maker-marked to the reverse; "Hoffstaetter, Bonn".

Very good condition with nearly all of the original finish still present.

  £48 #8

Soldbuch - Kriegsmarine - Coastal Artillery

Kriegsmarine issue Soldbuch; uniform photo. The Soldbuch contains several references to Feldpost Nr. 06071 - Coastal Artillery Batallion 202.

Cover denazified; otherwise, good condition.




Third Reich School Leaving Certificate

School leaving certificate; dated, 1940.

Folded; otherwise, good.

  £10 #10 SOLD
Hindenburg Cross without Swords & Urkunde

Hindenburg Cross for War Participants; with corresponding award document.

Ribbon missing; otherwise the cross is in very good condition. Document has some light marks.

  £12 (WAS £18) #11


Official Third Reich Labour (Work) Book; issued, 1940.

Good condition.

  £6 #12 SOLD

Soldiers' Songbook (Volume 2)

Songbook for soldiers.

Mottling to pages.

  £4 #13 SOLD

Soldiers' Songbook (Volume 3)

Songbook for soldiers.

Mottling to pages; some stains, damage.

  £3 #14 SOLD

DJH Booklet - Raenzlein - 1936

German Youth Hostel Association pocket calendar for 1936. Hand-coloured.

Some stains and mottling to the pages.

  £3 #15 SOLD

Polizei Officer - Portrait Photo

Portrait photo (postcard size - Agfa paper) of a decorated officer of the Polizei; 135mm x 85mm.

Very good condition.

  £8 #16 SOLD

Polizei Officer - Portrait Photo (2)

Portrait photo (postcard size - Agfa paper) of a decorated officer of the Polizei; 135mm x 85mm.

Very good condition.

  £8 #17 SOLD

Luftwaffe Portrait Photo Lot

Lot of 3 No. portrait photographs (the same individual if I am not mistaken). The smaller photo shows the subject in NSFK uniform; approx. 140mm x 90mm and the smaller one; 78mm x 54mm..

Very good condition.

  £14 #18

Panzer Portrait Photo

Very sharp portrait photo of a Panzermann (note the EK2 lapel ribbon). The portrait photo measures approx. 140mm x 88mm; Mimosa paper.

Very good condition.

  £16 #19

Luftaffe Portrait Photo

Portrait photo of an aircrew member in flying uniform. Dated to the reverse; 1942. Approx. size; 136mm x 88mm.

Very good condition.





Card used as Feldpost.

  £4 #21

Waffen-SS Portrait Photo - Prague

Excellent studio portrait of a Waffen-SS Officer; studio mark to the front and reverse of the photo (Fotorybka - Prague). The photo measures approx. 135mm x 85mm.

I could be mistaken but it looks like the colar tab is Totenkopf, as opposed to Runic.

Very good condition.

  £36 #22 SOLD

Waffen-SS Portrait Photo

Portrait photo of a Waffen-SS officer. Approx. size; 85mm x 64mm.

Very good condition.

  £16 #23 SOLD

Goebbels - Candid Photo

Candid snapshot of Goebbels; approx. size, 86mm x 60mm.

Very good condition.

  £12 #24

BDM Bookmark

Third Reich bookmark featuring a scene depicting marching BDM girls; approx. 148mm x 52mm.

A surprisingly scarce item.

A small mark below the text and some very slight creases to the lower edge.

  £28 #25 SOLD

RAD Long Service Award - Men - 4 Years

RAD (State Labour Service) Long Service Award for 4 Years made of cupal (copper clad aluminium) with only minimal signs of age. Original pin to reverse of the ribbon.

Very good to excellent condition. Super, bright, example.

  £38 (WAS £58) #26 SOLD

NS Kindergruppe Grouping - Scarce

Very scarce document grouping to a member of the NS Kindergruppe der NS Frauenschaft.

Grouping comprises the ausweis (with one dues stamp) and the dienstkarte (service card). Both documents measure approx. 145mm x 75mm.

Very good condition..

  £88 #27 SOLD

Landjugend (HJ) / Reichsnaehrstand Grouping

Document grouping to an individual who was a member of the Landjugend.

Good condition.

  £14 #28 SOLD

Wehrpass - Landesschuetzen Bataillon 513

Wehrpass to a member of Landesschuetzen Bataillon 513 (the units were typically used for guard duty - POW's; key military installations; etc.). Minimal entries.

Good condition.

  £12 #29 SOLD

Third Reich Era Group Portrait

Group portrait; the subjects are clearly committed National Socialists judging by the background display.

The photo measures approx. 180mm x 130mm and has been mounted on stiff card.

Very good condition.

  £6 #30


Diary / booklet for a patriotic Third Reich schoolboy/girl.

Booklet measures approx. 210mm x 150mm.

  £6 #31 SOLD

HJ Trade Competition - 1935 - Participation Urkunde

Participation certificate for the 2nd HJ Trade Competition; as held in 1935. Approx. 300mm x 210mm.

The document has been folded and has some tears; creases.

  £12 #32 SOLD

DAF Membership Book

Membership book with plenty of dues stamps.

Very good condition.

  £6 #33 SOLD

RDB Diary - 1935

Diary for members of the RDB (Civil Servants Organsation); packed with useful information.

Very good condition.

  £14 #34 SOLD

Period Postcard - Hitler and a DRK Nurse

Period postcard.

Good condition.


£7 (WAS £12)

#35 SOLD

Period Postcard - Italian Fascist

Period postcard; published by Fascist Italy but with a German (Third Reich) cancellation mark.

Good condition.

  £5 (WAS £8) #36

Period Postcard - ME 109

Period postcard of an ME 109.

Good condition.

  £5 (WAS £8) #37 SOLD

Period Postcard Lot - Handwerks

Period postcard lot: Handwerks related.

Good condition.

  £6 (WAS £10) #38 SOLD
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