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Reichssportfeld - 1936 Olympics - Bakelite Model - Scarce

A scarce, commemorative model of the 1936 Olympics Stadium (Reichssportfeld).

Officially approved, the model was based on the design of Werner March of Berlin and manufactured by Siemens-Schuckertwerke and sold by Sport-Lueder of Berlin.

The model, made of black bakelite, measures: 30.5cm x 22cm x 3cm. The carton; 31.75cm x 23.5cm x 4cm.

The model is in excellent condition with no damage; the box, although missing the catch, is very good.

  £145 #1 ON HOLD

NS Reichskriegerbund Armband (Leader) and Sleeveband

Scarce Veterans' Association armband with gold bullion tress (indicate of a leader's armband) and "Elbe" sleeveband.

Both items in very good condition.

  £58 #2 ON HOLD

RAD Service Memento

Small cloth purse with RAD cap badge attached; presumably, made as a memento of RAD service.

Good condition.




Heer Breast Eagle

Breast eagle for enlisted men and NCO's. Late-war example.

Good to better condition.

  £26 #4

Third Reich Sweetheart Bracelet - "Bunkergruss"

Scarce period sweetheart bracelet featuring the greeting; "Bunkergruss".

Very good condition with no damage to the enamel.




Wound Badge - Silver - Otto Schickle

Original and quite scarce wound badge in silver; maker-marked to the reverse, "L/15" (Otto Shickle).

Loss of finish; last couple of photos give the best representation of condition.

  £68 #6 ON HOLD

Wound Badge - Black - Eduard Hahn - Double-Marked

Wound badge in black by Eduard Hahn; maker-marked to the reverse; "EH" and "126".

Some loss of finish and oxidation to the surface; generally, good to better.

  £32 #7

Iron Cross, 2nd Class, 1939

Unmarked EK2; oxidation, especially to the obverse and loss of finish; frame in good condition.

A genuine example nevertheless.

  £42 #8 ON HOLD

Third Reich Cutlery - Fork

Fork with national emblem; maker-marked to the reverse.

Good condition.




"Unsere Deutsche Wehrmacht" Cigarette Card Folio

Small cigarette card folio, sponsored by a savings bank and published in assocation with the Wehrmacht and Lufwaffe High Command.

Tape repair to card case.

  £18 #10 ON HOLD

Packet - War Merit Cross, 2nd Class, with Swords

Packet only, for the War Merit Cross, 2nd Class, with Swords. Maker-marked to the reverse; "Gebrueder Bender, Oberstein".

Very good condition.

  £16 #11 ON HOLD

Olympia 1936 - Cigarette Card Lot - with Paper Wraps

Lot of 4 No. Olympia 1936 cigarette card packs.

  £16 #12

HJ/NSFK Postcard

Postcard in good condition.

  £18 #13 ON HOLD

Postcard Lot

Lot of 5 No. postcards; postally unused and in excellent condition.




Postcard Lot (2)

Lot of 5 No. postcards; very good condition.

  £12 #15 ON HOLD

HJ Kriegsdienstkarte

War service card; showing service in a marine unit.

Very good condition.

  £18 #16 ON HOLD

RADwJ Arbeitsdienstpass

Service pass for a member of the female RAD. Very good uniform photo, showing the RADwJ brooch in-wear.

Very good condition.




Postcard - Focke-Wulf FW 190

Postally used; Feldpost




DAF Teilnehmerkarte with Dues Stamps

Training course participation card, with dues stamps affixed.




Kriegsmarine Postcard Lot - Graf Spee; Admiral Scheer; etc.

Lot of 5 No. postcards.

Postally unused.




Berlin Olympics 1936 - Postcard

Colourful postcard; issued to commemorat the 1936 Games.

Postally used; Olypialager cancellation mark to the reverse.

  £24 #22

Organisation Todt Dienstbuch

Scarce Organisation Todt service book; photo of holder and service entries.

Good condition.




Postcard - AH - Reichsparteitag, 1934

Postcard showing AH. Reichspateitag, 1934 cancellation mark.

Some marks, stains, etc.






Plenty of entries; very good condition.





Plenty of entries; good condition.

  £6 #26 ON HOLD

Olympia 1936 - Cigarette Card Lot

Lot of cigarette cards.

  £8 #27

Postcard Lot (3)

Lot of 3 No. period postcards.

  £6 #28

Reichspost Savings Book and Ausweis

Savings book and associated pass (note the numbers are the same).

Good condition.

  £12 #29

Third Reich Muster Notice

Muster notice; dated, June 1941.




Third Reich Paper Lot

Lot of paperwork to one family; Feldpost; etc.

  £8 #31 ON HOLD

Third Reich School Report

School report with entries.

  £6 #32 ON HOLD

Period Book - Der Hitlerjunge Quex

A good example of the Third Reich novel, "Der Hitlerjunge Quex". Of note, is that the book still retains its original dustjacket, albeit, a little the worse for wear.

  £28 #33 ON HOLD

DAF Member Lapel Pin - Steinhauer u. Lueck

Member pin in stickpin; maker-marked to the reverse for Steinhauer und Lueck.




Arbeit Dank Lapel Pin

Maker-marked to the reverse; no damage to the enamel.

  £26 #35 ON HOLD

DRL Proficiency Badge - Bronze - Berg u. Nolte

Lapel pin version of the State Sports Association award in bronze; maker-marked to the revese, Berg und Nolte.

Excellent condition.

  £16 #36 ON HOLD

HJ / DJH Period Poster - 1939

Rare, original poster, encouraging donations for the building of youth hostels. The poster proclaims: "Create Youth Hostels: Your sacrifice is a building stone".

Poster measures 415mm x 295mm. Please note the additional photos show the poster as it is presently stored, i.e. in an archival quality, plastic sleeve (it is not flat in the photos).

Condition: Poster has some tears; also, tape repairs to reverse.

  £165 #37

HJ Mitglieds-Ausweis - Traditions Sleeve Triangle Stamp

HJ membership pass, with the official stamp confirming that the holder is entitled to wear the Traditions sleeve triangle, i.e. that he was a member of the HJ, prior to January 1, 1933. The pass does not appear to have ever had a photo. Scarce.

Good condition.

  £44 #38 ON HOLD

HJ Dienst Kontrollbuch

HJ Service record book; book documenting Kameradschaft (or similar level) members.

Some entries.

Good condition.

  £26 #39

HJ Bann Sportsfest - Award Grouping

Grouping of two documents (1st and 3rd place) to the same individual; Bann 80, Wiesbaden.

Excellent condition.

  £48 #40 ON HOLD

HJ Mitglieds-Ausweis

HJ membership pass; photo and several dues stamps.

Tape repair to spine.

  £28 #41 ON HOLD

HJ Gesundheitspass

HJ Health Pass.

Hole-punched; otherwise, very good.

  £14 #43

HJ Sports Urkunde

HJ Bann und Jungbann Sportsfest Urkunde (award certificate); 2nd place, 1938.

Some marks to the paper; generally, good.

  £26 #44 ON HOLD

HJ Sports Urkunde Grouping

Grouping (2nd and 3rd place) to one individual, for performance in the HJ Gebiet level Championships.

Good condition.

  £38 #45 ON HOLD

Wehrpass - Kriegsmarine - HJ Uniform Photo

Wehrpass to a member of the HJ who volunteered to serve in the Kriegsmarine; of note is the HJ uniform photo and note recording his admission to the Kriegsmarine as a volunteer in 1936.

Very good condition.

  £26 #46 ON HOLD

HJ Leather Pass Holder

Leather membership book (or similar) holder in leather, with embossed HJ eagle to the front.

Good condition.

  £34 #47 ON HOLD

HJ Kriegsfreiwilliger Grouping - Volkssturm - Hamburg

Extensive grouping to a member of the HJ who was enlisted in the Hamburg Volksstuerm, in February 1945, aged 16.

Highlights of the grouping include: Deutscher Volkstuerm Personalausweis; Wehrpass; Provisional Cetificate for the HJ Proficiency Badge in Bronze; Kriegsfreiwilliger Urkunde; NSKK Motor-boat Licence; HJ Membership Pass; HJ Service Card; Passport; Course Attendance Paperwork; etc.

In short, a rare and complete grouping, to a boy who served in the final days of the Reich.

  £295 #48 ON HOLD

HJ Armband - BeVo - RZM Label

Bevo weave HJ armband with RZM label.

Some marks to the fabric; please note, the camera flash may have obscured some minor marks.

  £88 #49 ON HOLD