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NSKK Grouping - Hauptsturmfuehrer Barnitzke

Interesting little grouping to an NSKK Hauptsturmfuehrer.

The grouping includes the following items:

Early Provisional NSDAP Membership Card, as issued in October 1930 with dues stamps to the reverse. Barnitzke was member #326,607: a comparatively low number, given that the party numbered in the region of 8 million members at its peak.

Entitlment slip, confirming Barnitzke's right to the wear the NSKK Ehrendolch.

Promotion slips (Sturmfuehrer to Obersturmfueher; Obersturmfuehrer to Hauptsturmfuehrer) dated 1935 and 1943.

Permit for travel within central Paris; dated 1940.

Wehrmacht travel permit.

WWI Soldbuch.

Discharge notice.

Folds and general wear and tear to all items; overall, good condition.

  £114 #1

DJ Mitglieds-Ausweis

Membership booklet for a member of the Deutsche-Jungvolk; the holder joined the DJ in 1934 and the Ausweis was issued in 1935.

Dues stamps for 1935-1938 inclusive.

Very good condition.

  £58 #2 SOLD

RAD Commemorative Lapel Pin - BSW

Lapel pin (stickpin form), as worn by former members of the Reichsarbeitsdienst (State Labour Service). Interestingly, the badge was produced by BSW; a company better known for the manufacture of Luftwaffe and Heer badges.

Very good condition.


NOW £14

(WAS £18)


Gauleiter Karl Kaufmann - Period Signature

Period signature of Gauleiter Karl Kaufmann in his position as Reichsstatthalter of Hamburg.

His signature is found on a letter, dated 15 January, 1945, to one Carl Rothig of Hannover, informing him that his (Rothig's) daughter, a teacher, has been killed during an Allied bombing attack of 25 October 1944.

Of note, Kaufmann was a founding member of the Party and long-time supporter of Hitler. He was appointed Gauleiter of Hamburg in 1929, and Reichsstatthalter in 1933. He also held the rank of SS Obergruppenfuehrer.

Tried for war crimes, following the war's end, he was imprisoned but subsequently released due to ill health.

The letter has been folded so as to fit within its original envelope. Both items in very good condition.

Of note, Helmut Weitze has an example of Kaufmann's signature for sale at 200 Euro.

  £64 #4 SOLD

Arbeitsbuch - Woman

Arbeitsbuch to a woman; as issued by the Office of Work, Sachsen.

Good condition.

  £8 #5 SOLD

Voting Slip - NSDAP/Hitlerbewegung - Reichstagswahl 1932

Original voting slips (approx. 135mm x 320mm) for the Reichstagswahl of 1932; 19 different parties listed. Party #1 on the list - the NSDAP/Hitlerbewegung.

Interestingly though, the slips have an "x" against party #2.

Good condition; some very small nicks/tears to edges (one has a diagonal tear, approx. 20mm x 20mm to the upper left corner).

  £8 each #6

Trommler Sturm "SA" Cigarette Packet

Original, empty, cigarette packet (59mm x 67mm x 10mm), as manufactured by the Sturm company, so as to generate funds for the SA.

Of note, these cigarettes were only manufactured between 1930 and 1934. As such, the packets are rather hard to come by.

Some partial splits to a couple of the corners. Overall, good condition. Scarce item!

  £78 #7 SOLD

RADwJ Grouping

Document grouping to a member of the Women's Labour Service (Rechsarbeitsdienst fuer die weiblichen Jugend).

The grouping includes: her Reichsarbeitsdienstpass with a uniform photo; in addition, a number of pieces of correspondence (sonderausweis etc.), including communicaton with the girl's mother about the subject's health.

Good condition.

  £34 #8 SOLD

Panzerkorps Nachrichten Abteilung Grouping

Document grouping to an eventual Obergefreiter with a Panzerkorps Signals Battalion.

The grouping comprises the following items: Wehrpass, Soldbuch, Dog Tag; period map and assorted papers.

As can be seen from the Wehrpass the subject saw much action on the Russian Front. It is also quite possible he was involved in the Battle of the Bulge, since he was a transferred to Panzerkorps Nachrichten Abteilung 447 in December 1944 (Panzerkorps Nachrichten Abteilung 447 was subordinated to XXXXVII Panzerkorps in June 1941 and the 47th was indeed used in the Ardennes Offensive).

Interestingly, the accompanying papers show that he undertook cookery training in July 1942.

Tape repairs to spines of Wehrpass and Soldbuch.




DRK Sports Shirt Eagle

Eagle, as worn on the sports vest of the German Red Cross. Approx. 90mm x 100mm.

Very good condition.

  £26 #10 SOLD

Czech Anschluss Medal with Packet

Czech Anschluss (1 October 1938 Commemorative Medal), complete with its original packet of issue (maker-marked Walter & Henlein, Gablonz).

Medal, packet and ribbon in excellent/mint condition.

  £36 #11 SOLD

Crusade Against Communism Medal with Packet

An example of the Romanian Crusade Against Communism Medal, complete wtih its original and scarce packet of issue. This medal was instituted in April 1942 by King Michael I of Romania and awarded to both Romanians and Germans fighting on the Russian Front.

Medal in very good to excellent condition; packet has a few small tears.

A scarce set.

  £36 #12 SOLD

War Merit Cross with Swords, with Packet

A very good example of the War Merit Cross with Swords, complete with its original, maker-marked, packet of issue. Packet marked: Rudolf Tham, Gablonz.

Cross in very good to better condition; packet has been folded and has a small tear to one side of the opening where the upper flap folds through.

  £36 #13 SOLD


Wehrpass to a gentleman born in 1892; minimal entries.

Good condition.

  £14 #14

Arbeitsbuch - 14 Year Old

Official Labour Book, as issued to a 14 year old girl, in 1942. It would appear she initially worked for the family firm.

Very good condition.

  £14 #15 SOLD

Olympia Heft - Fechten

A lone example of the Olympia Heft booklets (approx. 150mm x 110mm); this one concerning fencing.

Some age-mottling to the cover and pages; otherwise, good condition.

  £4 #16

Reichsnaehrstandschau 1939 - Commemorative Postcard

Postcard commemorating the Reichsnaehrstand show of 1939; corresponding cancellation mark to the reverse.

Good condition.

  £6 #17

... denn wir fahren gegen Engeland! - Period Postcard

Period postcard, proclaiming; "We are going to England!" Sent as Feldpost in 1940.

Some marks; generally, good.

  £8 #18 SOLD

Assorted Paper Lot

Lot of paper items; mostly ration cards.

Good condition.

  £8 #19

Assorted Postcard Lot

Lot of 3 No. period postcards.

Good condition.




Krim Grouping - Artillerie Regiment 60

Interesting grouping to a Gefreiter with Artillerie Regiment 60 who served on the Russian Front, and in particular, the Crimea.

The grouping includes the provisional award document for the Krim Shield; in addition, the award booklets for the Horse Riding Proficiency Badge and the Horse Driving Proficiency Badge (both award booklets include the relevant award certification).

Lastly, a photo album commemorating the owner's service in the Heer; plus, a number of loose photos.

All items in good condition.


NOW £145

(WAS £165)


DAF Leather Folio - Verwaltungsdienststelle - Gau Bayerische Ostmark

Leather folio wallet, approx. 135mm x 220mm.

Double-marked with the DAF (Deutsche Arbeitsfront (German Labour Front)) ink stamp for the Verwaltungsdienststelle (Administrative Office) Gau Bayerische Ostmark.

Some marks to the leather; generally, good to very good condition.

  £24 #22 SOLD

Hindenburg Cross for Widows - Paper Packet

Hindenburg Cross and original paper packet (scarce). Please note the accompanying ribbon is for the military version of this award. It is however, the ribbon that came with the cross.

Some wear to cross and paper packet is torn in several places.


NOW £14

(WAS £18)

#23 SOLD

Third Reich Tea Towel

Period cotton tea towel, marked with the national emblem in ink Approx size: 460mm x 940mm.

A few stains; otherwise, good condition.

  £28 #24 SOLD

Award Document Grouping (1)

Document grouping to a member of Luftnachrichtenabteilung 82 (mot.).

The grouping comprises the following documents: award document for the Driving Proficiency in Bronze (with a facsimile of the badge); presented in the field and signed in ink by the Abteilung Kommandeur; in addition, the award document for the War Merit Cross, 2nd Class with Swords - awarded in the field, Finland, 1943 (facsimile signature (if I am not mistaken) of the Commanding Luftwaffe General for Finland).

Documents have been folded but are in very good condition.


NOW £44

(WAS £64)

#25 SOLD


Map; as produced by the DDAC (German State Automobile Association) for use by its members.

Very good condition.

  £12 #26 SOLD

NSV Childcare Booklet

Small booklet (160mm x 220mm), as produced by the NSV (State Welfare Organisation), offering advice on childcare for new mothers.

Good condition.

  £4 #27 SOLD

Der Sieg im Norden - Period Book - Luftwaffe Dedication

Period book (215mm x 230mm; 171 No. pages); as published in 1941 and documenting the war in Denmark and Norway by means of photos and text, mostly photos.

Dedication to the inner cover of the book which if I am not mistaken, states that the book was presented in Christmas 1942 to a member of a Luftwaffe Wachbataillon (either by or to an Oberst (Colonel).

The covers of the book are a little warped and some age mottling to the contents.

  £16 #28 SOLD

DDAC Map (2)

Map; as produced by the DDAC (German State Automobile Association) for use by its members.

Very good condition.

  £12 #29 SOLD

Family Studio Portrait Photo - HJ Boy and Heer Father

Studio portrait photo showing mother and father, with their two sons. One of the sons is wearing his HJ uniform (Mitte Sachsen district triangle) and the father wears his Heer uniform.

The photo measures approx. 155mm x 115mm; studio stamp (Foto - Grosser Limbach Sa) to bottom right corner.

Slight wear to corners of photos; otherwise, very good.


NOW £14

(WAS £16)

#30 SOLD

NSDAP Newspaper Lot - 1933 - Hitler's Election Success

Lot of 2 No. newspapers: Niedersaechsiche Tageszeitung; an NSDAP publication.

One newspaper is dated March, 1933; the other, November, 1933. Both document NSDAP election success.

The March example is a single sheet of paper - 2 No. printed pages; the November example, 4 No. printed pages.

  £14 #31 SOLD

NSDAP Newspaper Lot - 1933 - Austrian Plebiscite 1938 - Hess Photo

Lot of 2 No. newspapers: Niedersaechsiche Tageszeitung; an NSDAP publication.

One newspaper is dated March, 1933; the other, April, 1938. One documents NSDAP election success; the other, the vote in the Austrian Plebiscite of 1938. The '38 example also features a photo of Rudolf Hess.

Both examples feature 4 No. printed pages. In addition, there is a single sheet from a 1933 newspaper; "Heimatrundschau".

One of the newspapers has been cut with scissors along the upper border.

  £14 #32 SOLD

NSDAP Newspaper - 1932 - NSDAP Election Success

An earlier example of the Niedersaechsiche Tageszeitung; an NSDAP publication.

Dated August, 1932, the paper documents NSDAP election success; 4 No printed pages.

  £8 #33 SOLD

NSDAP Newspaper Lot - 1932/33 - Hitler's Election Success

A further lot of NSDAP published newspapers, from 1932, 1933; once again, documenting NSDAP election success.

One newspaper features a photo of Rudolf Hess.



#34 SOLD

DAF School Newspaper

DAF newspaper; published 1936.

Good condition.

  £6 #35 SOLD

Die Kinder Welt - Third Reich Periodical

Third Reich periodical for children; issue No. 5, 1934.

Very good condition.

  £8 #36 SOLD

Die Kinder Welt - Third Reich Periodical (2)

Third Reich periodical for children; issue No. 6, 1934.

Very good condition.

  £8 #37 SOLD

Die Kinder Welt - Third Reich Periodical (3)

Third Reich periodical for children; issue No. 7, 1934.

Mottling to pages; otherwise, good condition.

  £8 #38 SOLD
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