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Fire Brigade Decoration - 2nd Class - Court-Mounted

A very good example of one of the most visually appealing of Third Reich decorations (at least in my opinion): the Fire Brigade Decoration; 2nd Class. The decoration is the more scarce court-mounted example.

Some loss of the silver finish. Overall; very good to better condition.




Olympic Games 1936 - Lapel Pin

Lapel pin commemorating the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. The badge depicts the Brandenburg Gate an Olympic Rings. Maker-marked to the reverse.

Some damage to the enamel: in the area of the lettering and the columns of the Gate.

  £22 #40 SOLD

Mother's Cross - Bronze - Miniature - Deumer

Miniature of the Mother's Cross, 3rd Class; maker-marked to the reverse, "L/11" (Deumer).

Good to very good condition.

  £24 #41 SOLD

Bargain Lot

Bargain lot comprising 2x tinnies (WHW and Saar), plus a Czech Anschluss Medal (minus the suspension ring).

Price reflects condition.

  £6 #42 SOLD

Hindenburg Cross Lot

Bargain lot of crosses for Frontfighters.

Good to very good condition.

  £14 #43 SOLD

Russian Front Medal - Deumer

Russian Front Medal; maker-marked on the ring, "3" (W. Deumer).

Good to very good condition.

  £22 #44 SOLD

Czech Anschluss Medal

All-in-all, a very good example of this award: some very minor oxidation and other slight marks.

  £18 #45 SOLD

Iron Cross, 2nd Class, 1939 - Near Mint

An unmarked example of the Iron Cross, 2nd Class (EK2) in near-mint condition.

Complete with a length of original ribbon.

  £74 #46 SOLD

Iron Cross, 2nd Class, 1939

An unmarked example of the Iron Cross, 2nd Class (EK2) in very good to better condition. Very nice toning to the arms of the cross.

Complete with a length of original ribbon.

  £58 #47 SOLD

Iron Cross, 2nd Class, 1939 (2)

An unmarked example of the Iron Cross, 2nd Class (EK2).

Complete with a length of original ribbon.

Core is somewhat marked; please see photos.



#48 SOLD

Kaiser Wilhelm Commemorative Medal

Pre-Third Reich commemorative medal.

Heavily patinated/marked. Suspension ring missing.

  £6 #49

Reichssportfeld - 1936 Olympics - Bakelite Model - Scarce

A scarce, commemorative model of the 1936 Olympics Stadium (Reichssportfeld).

Officially approved, the model was based on the design of Werner March of Berlin and manufactured by Siemens-Schuckertwerke and sold by Sport-Lueder of Berlin.

The model, made of black bakelite, measures: 30.5cm x 22cm x 3cm. The carton; 31.75cm x 23.5cm x 4cm.

The model is in excellent condition with no damage; the box, although missing the catch, is very good

  £295 #50

NSDAP Sympathiser Belt Buckle

Unofficial youth belt buckle for NSDAP sympathisers; DRGM marked.

Some areas of oxidation to the buckle; good to very good.

  £58 #51 SOLD

Iron Cross, 2nd Class, 1939 - Klein & Quenzer - with Packet

An excellent example of a Klein & Quenzer EK2 (unmarked), complete with its original packet of issue.

Super patination to the cross and core in excellent condition (dust in photos); a few tears to the edges of the packet.

  £90 #52 SOLD

Wound Badge - Silver - Josef Ruecker

A silver wound badge in buntmetall; maker-marked "92", corresponding to the firm of Josef Ruecker & Sohn, Gablonz. A scarce maker.

Very good to excellent condition with the majority of the original finish still present.

  £78 #53 SOLD

Wound Badge - Black - Near Mint

An unmarked black wound badge in near mint condition.

  £38 #54

Infantry Assault Badge - Silver

Infantry Assault Badge; silver grade.Unmarked example in zinc.

The badge is in very good condition and still retains approx. 40%-50% of the obverse finish.



#55 SOLD

Russian Front Medal

Unmarked zinc example of the Russian Front Medal.

Good condition



#56 SOLD

Ribbon Bar - EK2 / Russian Front Medal

Ribbon bar for the EK2 and Russian Front Medal.

Very good condition.



#57 SOLD

KdF Gau Thueringen - Card Wallet

Wallet, presumably for postcards, bearing the KdF emblem and notation.

Card wallet in excellent condition.

  £10 #58 SOLD

Document Grouping - EK2 etc. - Infanterie Regiment 513

Extensive award document grouping to a member of Infanterie Regiment 513 (later Grenadier Regiment 513 who saw considerable action on the Russian Front.

The grouping comprises the following documents: award documents for the EK2; Black Wound Badge (x2); Silver Wound Badge; Russian Front Medal; Infantry Assault Badge. In addition, post-war military discharge papers.

The documents have been folded but remain in good condition.

In closing, a most interesting grouping to a well decorated soldier. Great research potential!

  £165 #59 ON HOLD

Sightseeing Guide - Paris - 1940

Guide to the sights of Paris, 1940 edition. German language sightseeing guide; presumably intended for use by occupying German forces.

Good to very good condition.

  £6 #60 SOLD

KdF Songbook

Small pamphlet of KdF songs, entitled: "Songs of the Homeland".

Good condition.



#61 SOLD

RAD Commemorative Folio

Folio commemorating one person's service with the RAD.

Very good condition.

  £34 #62 SOLD

Cigarette Cards - 1936 Olympics

A selection of cigarette cards from the series pertaining to the 1936 Olympics.

Very good condition.

  £14 #63

Olympia Zeitung - 1936 Olympics Newspaper Lot

Lot of Olympia Zeitung - official newspaper for the 1936 Olympics. Lot contains 7 No. newspapers.

Most of the newspapers have tape repairs and all have been folded.

  £18 #64

Olympia Heft - Collectors Lot

Official booklet produced in conjunction with the 1936 Olympics; issues 1-26.

Tape repair to the spine of issue 1; otherwise, good to very good condition.

  £68 #65
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