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SS Dagger - EM36 - Boeker

SS service dagger, 1933 model, by the sought-after maker, Heinrich Boeker of Solingen; complete with both vertical hanger (Assmann marked) and the short hanger (RZM marked).

The dagger features a carved hardwood, ebony-coloured, grip, with SS runes button and national emblem. The scabbard has nickel silver fittings throughout (note the crossguard has a Roman numeral "I" to the reverse (district stamping). The scabbard which would have had an anodised finish initially has been painted at some point in its life (please observe the scabbard fitting screws show signs of having been unscrewed (to facilitate the painting of the scabbard)).

The blade is the real beauty of this dagger: the acid etched motto "Meine Ehre heisst Treue" ("My Honour is Loyalty") remains crips, as does the Boeker maker-mark; the subtle cross-graining remains visible on both sides of the dagger. Finally, the blade provides a satisfying "click" when placed into the scabbard.

The blade does have some light marks: runner marks; light scratches; etc. All, in all though, the dagger must surely rate as being in very good to excellent condition.

Please note this item is available for UK sale only.

  £1,700 #1 SOLD

SA Dagger - EM - Justinuswerk

SA dagger by the maker, Justinuswerk. The dagger is complete with the short hanger.

The dagger is an early quality examle featuring: hardwood grip; nickel silver fittings and an anodised scabbard. The crossguard is marked to the reverse with the Gruppe mark; BO (Bayerische Ostmark).

The scabbard has an anodised finish and even retains traces of the original lacquer. All screws are present and correct and look to be unturned; similarly the tang nut (indicating that the dagger has never been taken apart).

The blade is bright and retains much of the original cross-graining. Some light marks: runner marks; some speckles around the upper portion of the blade (both sides). Ultimately though, a fine example of an SA dagger in excellent condition.

Please note this item is available for UK sale only.

  £525 #2 SOLD

Luftwaffe Dagger - 2nd Pattern - Herder

Striking example of a 2nd pattern Luftwaffe dagger, as manufactured by the firm of Herder, Solingen.

As can be seen from the photos, the dagger is in excellent condition: all screws are unturned; the scabbard retains much of its original finish; the pommel swastikas retain traces of their original gilt finish; the blade buffer pad is present; the blade is bright with crossgraining visible throughout.

In short, a choice example.

Please note this item is available for UK sale only.

  £425 #3 SOLD

Heer Dagger - FW Hoeller

Good example of an army dagger, as manufactured by the firm of FW Hoeller, Solignen.

The dagger features a plated scabbard (please note there is some light bubbling to the plating, along the sides of the scabbard).

Although a little dull, the blade is in very good condition with only minor marks and greying.

All in all, a good example.

Please note this item is available for UK sale only.

  £345 #4

Kriegsmarine Dagger - WKC - Hammered Scabbard

Very good example of a Kriegsmarine dagger, complete with hanging straps.

The dagger is a WKC (Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Cie) example and features a fouled anchor blade and hammered scabbard.

The dagger is in overall, excellent condition and retains much of the original fire gilding throughout (the tip of the scabbard shows some wear but is neither bent nor damaged (they were frequently shut in car doors)). The scabbard screws are in very good condition and the blade still has its original red buffer pad. The blade is still bright with only minor spotting. Please note the hilt blade release is very stiff and slightly bent; the pommel is also loose (when tightened it faces the wrong direction): most probably the result of having been overtightened at some point in time.

In closing, a fine example and a great looking dagger.

Please note this item is available for UK sale only.

  £495 #5 SOLD

HJ Knife - RZM Marked - 1940

Hitler Jugend knife, featuring the RZM mark, "M7/42" (WKC) and dated 1940; no motto.

Overall, the knife is in good to very good condition: much of the original scabbard finish remains; HJ diamond has no chips or scratches; grip plates are original and bar for a small chip to the obverse lower edge are in very good condition; the blade itself has been sharpened (as is typically the case and has some scratches and other marks to the surface - nothing terrible though.

Please note this item is available for UK sale only.

  £195 #6 SOLD

HJ Gauze Bandage in Original Packaging

Quite a scarce item: gauze bandage for use by the Hitler Jugend, complete with its original packaging.

Very good condition.

  £28 #7 SOLD

NSLB Member Lapel Pin

State Teachers' Association membership badge; maker-marked to the reverse; "Hoffstaetter, Bonn".

Very good condition with nearly all of the original finish still present.

  £42 (WAS £48) #8 SOLD

Mother's Cross - Third Class

Bronze grade example of the Mother's Cross in excellent conition (no damage and much of the lacquer still present); complete with a length of ribbon.




Czech Annexation Medal

Czech Annexation Medal; 1 October 1938; complete with a length of original ribbon.

Medal in very good to better condition; the surface has only minimal marks.

  £18 #10 SOLD
Wound Badge - Black - Klein & Quenzer - Double Marked

Wound badge by Klein & Quenzer; black grade. The badge is particularly interesting since it is double-marked ("65" and "K&Q") and as such is rather uncommon.

Rubbing to highpoints and swastika; otherwise, good to very good condition.

  £44 #11

Hindenburg Cross with Swords

Hindenburg Cross with Swords; maker-marked to the reverse.

Of note the Hindenburg Cross is the only WWI award that was instituted during the Third Reich.

Very good condition.

  £6 #12 SOLD

Hindenburg Cross with Swords (2)

Hindenburg Cross with Swords; maker-marked to the reverse.

Of note the Hindenburg Cross is the only WWI award that was instituted during the Third Reich.

Very good condition.

  £5 #13

Russian Front Medal - Maker-Marked - Excellent

Maker-marked example of the Russian Front Medal ("55" - JE Hammer & Soehne).

Plated zinc example in very good to excellent condition.

  £26 #14 SOLD

Postcard Lot - Olympics 1936

Lot of 2 No. postcards pertaining to the 1936 Olympic Games.

Postally unused.

  £8 #15 SOLD

KdF Voyage Lot

Lot of paperwork pertaining to a KdF voyage from 1936; the lot includes a pamphlet, boarding pass and excursion ticket book.

Good condition.

  £16 #16 SOLD

NSDAP Membership Card

NSDAP Mitgliedskarte (membership card); for a member who joined the party in 1939; facsimile signature of Schwarz. Several dues stamps to the reverse.

Good condition.

  £44 #17 SOLD

NSDAP Gesundheitspass

NSDAP medical pass.

Although the entries are minimal, the pass is in very good condition.

  £20 #18 SOLD

Panzer Portrait Photo

Very sharp portrait photo of a Panzermann (note the EK2 lapel ribbon). The portrait photo measures approx. 140mm x 88mm; Mimosa paper.

Very good condition.

  £16 #19

Luftaffe Portrait Photo

Portrait photo of an aircrew member in flying uniform. Dated to the reverse; 1942. Approx. size; 136mm x 88mm.

Very good condition.





Card used as Feldpost.

  £4 #21 SOLD

HJ Sports Proficiency Book

Award booklet for the HJ Sports Proficiency Badges; photo of the recipient and entry for the bronze sports badge (plus qualifying entries).

Good condition.

  £32 #22 SOLD

Third Reich Document Grouping

Document grouping to one individual comprising: Wehrpass; Arbeitsbuch and DAF Membership Book.

All documents in good condition.

  £28 #23 SOLD

Goebbels - Candid Photo

Candid snapshot of Goebbels; approx. size, 86mm x 60mm.

Very good condition.

  £10 (WAS £12) #24 SOLD

Ausweis der Deutschen Volksliste

Relatively scarce Ausweis der Deutschen Volksliste (Germanic People's List); a list that sought to document and classify all ethnic Germans living outside of the Reich.

The subject of this Ausweis was born in Poland. Accompanying the Ausweis is a Polish Military Identity Card (to a male) and a Third Reich formal document.

Good condition.

  £64 #25 SOLD


Official state labour book to a man; separate slip of paper concerning his fulfillment of RAD duties.

Very good condition.

  £8 #26 SOLD

DRK Ausweis - Oberhelfer

DRK Bereitschaft Ausweis to an Oberhelfer. Good uniform photo and dues stamps.

Comparatively scarce item in very good condition.

  £34 #27

LDO Medal Packet

Official LDO (Leistunds Gemeinschaft der Deutscher Ordenshersteller (Administration of German Orders Manufacturers)) medal packet.

Tear to upper portion; approx. 15mm length.

  £12 (WAS £14) #28 SOLD

Kriegsflugzeuge - 1943

Pocket-sized aircraft identification booklet; published 1943.

Good condition.

  £8 #29 SOLD

Reichsnaehrstand Beitragskarte

Contribution card for a member of the Reichsnaehrstand (Third Reich body responsbile for agricultural science and politics). Some dues stamps.

A little grubby; generally, good condition.

  £8 #30 SOLD

Luftwaffe Soldbuch and Wehrmacht Fuehrerschein

Luftwaffe Soldbuch and Armed Forces Driving Licence (uniform photo); Both items to the same individual; a radio operator and eventual Obergefreiter.

Both items show age; Soldbuch has been denazified on cover.

  £34 #31 SOLDD


Soldbuch to an older gentleman and member of a Grenadier Regiment.

A little tatty but plenty of entries.

  £16 #32 SOLD


Third Reich identity card to a woman.

Very good condition.

  £8 #33 SOLD

Kyffhauesserbund Member Lapel Pin

Veterans Association member lapel pin; stickpin version; transitional RZM mark ("7") to the reverse.

No cracks or chips to the enamel.




Wehrmacht Tea Strainer - Third Reich Era

Tea strainer in silver-plated white metal (BM designation) by the firm of Bruder Henneberg of Warsaw.

The spoon is tarnished but otherwise in vey good condition and fully functional too.

Very unusual item in my opinion.

  £34 #35 SOLD

HJ / DJH Collecting Tin Paper Motif

Outer paper cover/motif, as used on HJ/DJH collecting tins.

Unused and in excellent condition. I susupect very few of these would have survived the post-war years. Three sold.

  £30 each #36 SOLD

Infantry Assault Badge - Unmarked

Unmarked IAB in zinc.

Most of the finish is absent and the catch is bent.

  £48 #37 SOLD

Olympics 1936 - Cigarette Card Albums

1936 Olympics Cigarette Card Albums

Both volumes of the 1936 Cigarette Card Albums, commemorating the 1936 Olympics (Winter and Summer Games).

Dustjackets missing and binding of one edition faded; otherwise, good condition with all cards present.

  £24 #38 SOLD
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