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Postcard - Luftwaffe - denn wir fahren gegen Engeland!

Postcard, featuring the words of the patrioic song; "... denn wir fahren gegen Engeland!". Interesting cancellation mark too: "Fliegerhorstkommand Langenhagen" (Airbase Langenhagen).

Minor creases at a couple of the corners; otherwise, very good condition.


NOW £8

(WAS £12)


Armband - Deutsche Wehrmacht

Armband, as worn by members of the public, in the employ of the German Armed Forces. BeVo construction.

Excellent condition.


NOW £32

(WAS £40)


Postcard Lot - Fliegerhorst Langenhagen and Wilhelmshaven

Period postcard lot; one of the airbase at Langenhagen (with the cancellation mark of said base) and a second, depicating a naval scene and with a (Wilhelmshaven cancellation mark).

Very good condition.

  NOW £8

(WAS £12)


Sports Vest Insignia - RKB

Insignia for the Sports Vest, as worn by members of the Reichskriegerbund (Veterans Organisation).

Excellent condition.


NOW £14

(WAS £18)


Marine-HJ / DJ Rank Insignia

Rank insignia, as worn on the sleeve by Marine-HJ Rottenfuehrer or DJ Hordenfuehrer. RZM label to the reverse.

Very good condition.


NOW £12

(WAS £16)


Hindenburg Cross for Frontfighters - Packet (2)

Hindenburg Cross for Frontfighters, complete with its original packet of issue and tissue wrap.

Cross in excellent condition; packet folded.


NOW £14

(WAS £18)


Kyffhauesserbund Member Lapel Pin

Lapel pin as worn by members of the veterans association; maker-marked to the reverse.

A few light scratches to the obverse.


NOW £12

(WAS £14)


Olympia Heft - Fechten

A lone example of the Olympia Heft booklets (approx. 150mm x 110mm); this one concerning fencing.

Some age-mottling to the cover and pages; otherwise, good condition.


NOW £2

(WAS £4)


Hindenburg Cross for Frontfighters - Packet (3)

Hindenburg Cross for Frontfighters, complete with its original packet of issue and tissue wrap.

Cross in excellent condition; packet folded.


NOW £14

(WAS £18)


DDAC First Aid Kit

First Aid kit for use by members of the DDAC (State Automobile Assocation). Presumably to be carried in the car and for use on motoring adventures.

The kit is complete with its original contents. Undoubtedly a rare item; all the more so, when complete and untouched.


NOW £48

(WAS £74)


Tinnie - NS Volkswohlfahrt - Gau Sachsen

Striking tinnie.

Very good to better condition.


NOW £12

(WAS £14


Postcard - Unsere Wehrmacht - Luftwaffe

"Luftwaffe" postcard from the "Unsere Wehrmacht" series.

Postally used as Feldpost in 1942; the card has creases/fold lines just below the midpoint.


NOW £3

(WAS £4)


Tinnie - DJH

State Youth Hostel Association tinnie, incorporating the HJ emblem within its design.

Very good condition.



(WAS £14


Tinnie - Polizei - 1942

Police tinnie, in zinc.

Good condition.


NOW £8

(WAS £10)


Sports Badge Lot

Lot of 2 No. badges; Turnerbund and Life Saving Association, Basic Proficiency Badge.

Catch missing to DLRG badge; otherwise, good condition.


NOW £6

(WAS £8)


NSDAP Gesundheitspass

NSDAP Health Pass; as issued in 1937.

Excellent condition.

  NOW £16

(WAS £24)


Tinnie Lot (8)

Assorted lot of tinnies.

See photos for condition.


NOW £8

(WAS £10


Period Postcard Lot - Unsere Luftwaffe

Period postcard lot.

Very good condition.

  NOW £8

(WAS £10)


Arbeitsbuch (6)

Arbeitsbuch (official work record book) to a woman; Arbeitsamt Halle.

Of note, is the entry for the Flak-Waffentecknische Schule 1, February 1945.

Very good condition.


NOW £10

(WAS £12)


Jungmaedel Kriegsjahrbuch - 1944

Pocket yearbook for members of the JM (Jungmaedel); 1944.

Rather a scarce book.

Some minor mottling and creases; generally, good to very good condition.


NOW £48

(WAS £58)


NSKOV Membership Card

Membership card with dues stamps.

Period tape repair to hinge of card.


NOW £10

(WAS £12)


Hitler Jugend Landjahr Grouping - 1938

Grouping to a member of the HJ, from Flossingen, who participated in the 1938 Landjahr.

The grouping comprises: the Landjahr pass, with a uniform photo of the holder (Landjahr sleeve triangle visible); Freischwimmer pass (swimming proficiency booklet), as awarded whilst undertaking the Landjahr; Gehilfenbrief (Apprenticeship Certificate) and lastly, School Graduation Certificate.

All items in good to very good condition, bar for the school leaving certificate.


NOW £68

(WAS £94)


DAF Bowl - Bauscher Weiden

DAF bowl; maker-marked to the underside, "Baucher-Weiden". Approx size; 215mm x 70mm.

Very good condition.


NOW £14