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Hitler Jugend Commemorative Plate

Decorative plate, featuring a Hitler Jugend motif, commemorating the 1st School Year ("Zum 1. Schulgang").

The plate has a diameter of approx. 190mm and a depth of 38mm.

Some minor rubbing to the decoration but no cracks or chips. Such items are scarce.

  £78 #1 ON HOLD!

DRK Paper Lot

Personalausweis and air-raid alarm permit to a DRK Sister. Of note, the Personalausweis has both wartime (denazified) and post-war stamps (Military Government, 1945).

Folded; otherwise, good.

  £10 (WAS £12) #2

Third Reich Era Board Game

Board game, as manufactured by Brueckner Spiele of Chemnitz.

The game contains 10 No. different games, each depicting a different combat related scene, with related card playing pieces.

The box for the game is devoid of any swastikas: however, some of the playing pieces do have swastikas in their designs.

Although undated, I believe the game to have been published circa 1940. At the war's end, Chemnitz was occupied by the Russians.

The box measures 370mm x 260mm; the individual playing boards, 140mm x 200mm.

One corner of the box has split; otherwise, good overall condition.

  £29 (WAS £58) #3

Flieger Hitler Jugend Postcard

Postcard from the Flieger Hitler Jugend series.

Very good condition.

  £8 #4 ON HOLD!

Flieger Hitler Jugend Postcard (2)

Postcard from the Flieger Hitler Jugend series.

Very good condition.

  £6 #5

NSDAP Member Lapel Pin - Buttonhole

Maker-marked (M1/137 - ) example of an NSDAP member lapel pin; buttonhole fixing to the reverse.

Please note the maker code is beneath the reverse fixing and was difficult to photograph.

Small repair (period?) between two arms of the swastika.

  £34 #6 ON HOLD!

DJ Songbook

Songbook for the Pimpf (DJ members) of Jungbann 211. Approx. 110mm x 75mm.

Very good condition.

  £10 #7 ON HOLD!

NSLB Member Lapel Pin

State Teachers' Association membership badge; maker-marked to the reverse; "Hoffstaetter, Bonn".

Very good condition with nearly all of the original finish still present.

  £48 #8

Sports Badge - Kyffhauesserbund

Veterans Association sports vest badge; approx. size 74mm x 84mm.

Good to very good condition (some light mottling).




NSFK "C" Certificate Glider Proficiency Award

Glider proficiency award in bullion thread on cloth backing; approx. 45mm diameter.

Oxidation to the bullion.

  £8 #10 ON HOLD!
Hindenburg Cross without Swords & Urkunde

Hindenburg Cross for War Participants; with corresponding award document.

Ribbon missing; otherwise the cross is in very good condition. Document has some light marks.

  £12 (WAS £18) #11

Hitler Jugend Belt Buckle - Transitional - Assmann

Very nice, nickle HJ buckle, as manufactured by the firm of Assmann. The buckle features both the maker's trademark and the transitional RZM mark (suggesting manufacture in the early 1930's.).

Good to very good condition.

  £48 #12 ON HOLD!

Heer Parade Buckle

Heer (Army) Parade Buckle; two piece construction in aluminium.

Good condition.

  £35 #13 ON HOLD!

Heer Breast Eagle - NCO/Officer - Uniform Removed

Army Breast Eagle (bullion thread) for NCO/Officer; uniform removed as evidenced by the remnant of the tunic still attached to the reverse.

Very good condition.

  £28 #14 ON HOLD!

Czech Anschluss Medal with Case

Czech Anschluss Medal complete with its original case of issue.

Medal in very good condition; case in good condition (a few marks to the lining).

  £38 #15 ON HOLD!

HJ Tinnie - Gebietstreffen Plauen - 1933 - Rare

Rare HJ tinnie commemorating the 1st Gebietstreffen of the Sachsichen HJ, Plauen, 1933.

I have only encountered this tinnie once before and on that occasion the pin was missing.

Good condition; pin present.

  £90 #16 ON HOLD!

Saar Commemorative Medallion

Third Reich era bronze medallion commemorating the Saar plebiscite of 1935. Marked to the edge; Bayer. Hauptmuenzamt; 36mm diameter.

Very good condition.

  £18 #17 ON HOLD!

Luftwaffe Portrait Photo Lot

Lot of 3 No. portrait photographs (the same individual if I am not mistaken). The smaller photo shows the subject in NSFK uniform; approx. 140mm x 90mm and the smaller one; 78mm x 54mm..

Very good condition.

  £14 #18 ON HOLD!

Panzer Portrait Photo

Very sharp portrait photo of a Panzermann (note the EK2 lapel ribbon). The portrait photo measures approx. 140mm x 88mm; Mimosa paper.

Very good condition.

  £16 #19

Luftaffe Portrait Photo

Portrait photo of an aircrew member in flying uniform. Dated to the reverse; 1942. Approx. size; 136mm x 88mm.

Very good condition.





Card used as Feldpost.

  £4 #21

NS Frauenschaft Member Lapel Pin

NS Frauenschaft member lapel pin; maker-marked to the reverse; Steinhauer & Lueck; 22mm x 22mm.

Good condition.

  £18 #22 ON HOLD!

Tinnie - Saar - 1935 - Redo

Less commonly seen Saar Plebiscite tinnie from 1935; Maker-marked to the reverse; W. Redo; 26mm x 26mm.

Good condition.

  £16 #23 ON HOLD!

Goebbels - Candid Photo

Candid snapshot of Goebbels; approx. size, 86mm x 60mm.

Very good condition.

  £12 #24

Mother's Cross - Bronze

Bronze grade example of the Mother's Cross; sewn ends to ribbon.

A few very minor scratches to the enamel; the cross is in very good condition.

  £18 #25 ON HOLD!

Hindenburg Cross for Combatants - Parade Mount

Hindenburg Cross for Combatants; featuring a less commonly seen parade mount.

Very good condition.

  £10 #26 ON HOLD!

Russian Front Medal - Maker-Marked - Weidmann

Russian Front Medal; maker-marked on the ring "19" (E. Ferd. Weidmann).

Some loss of finish; overall, good to better.

  £18 #27 ON HOLD!

LDO Medal Packet

Official LDO (Leistunds Gemeinschaft der Deutscher Ordenshersteller (Administration of German Orders Manufacturers)) medal packet.

Tear to upper portion; approx. 15mm length.

  £14 #28

War Merit Cross, 2nd Class, with Swords - Packet

War Merit Cross, 2nd Class, with Swords; complete with its original packet of issue.

Cross unmarked; packet marked to the reverse.

Cross in excellent condition; packet has a tear halfway across the upper portion.

  £28 #29 ON HOLD!

Third Reich Era Group Portrait

Group portrait; the subjects are clearly committed National Socialists judging by the background display.

The photo measures approx. 180mm x 130mm and has been mounted on stiff card.

Very good condition.

  £6 #30 ON HOLD!

Medal Lot

Lot of 2 No. Medals; plus corresponding ribbon bar. Medals are Hindenburg Cross with Swords and Czech Anschluss Medal.

Suspension ring and ribbon missng from Czech Medal.

  £12 #31 ON HOLD!

Hindenburg Cross - Widows

Hindenburg Cross for Widows.

Ribbon missing; otherwise, very good to excellent condition.

  £6 #32 ON HOLD!

War Merit Cross, 2nd Class, with Swords

War Merit Cross and corresponding ribbon bar.

Ribbon missing.

  £10 #33 ON HOLD!

Ribbon Bar Lot

Lot of 2 No. ribbon bars.

Good condition.

  £ #34

Kyffhauesserbund Member Lapel Pin

Veterans Association member lapel pin; stickpin version; transitional RZM mark ("7") to the reverse.

No cracks or chips to the enamel.




Period Postcard - Italian Fascist

Period postcard; published by Fascist Italy but with a German (Third Reich) cancellation mark.

Good condition.

  £5 (WAS £8) #36

Luftwaffe Collar Tab Gull

Collar tab gull in very good condition.

  £2 #37

Veterans Association Cuffband - Mitte

Veterans Association Cuffband.

Good condition.

  £8 #38 ON HOLD!
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